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Thanks, Miracle Grow
Arterial Dream

Rainbow Trout


Blind Passion


Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu

Consoled by My Family Spirits

Flower Power

Silk Screen Tango



Suburban Wife

Key to Better Health



Intercessory Prayer

Movie Classics

Inner Strength

Somewhere in Time


Hummingbird on a Misty Morning

Life's Moments

Limoniad - Nymph of the Meadow

Be A Checker Everyday

May Apple

Fire in Her Eyes

Flower of Wishes


Raggedy Edged Appliqué Trees


Inchies Quilt

Detail View


Valentine Quilt


FA@LE Interprets Identity Crisis: Undercurrents


Painted Tulips


A Page from My Book:

Journal Quilts 2007 – Journal Quilt Project

Judith C. Busby

Clifton, Virginia


Remember Me

Creative Quilting techniques used:  facial features drawn with a fine-tip (.005) Pigma pen (p. 174); hand-beaded embellishment (p.245); large running stitches combined with sewing machine stitches (p. 173)

Incorporating drawing and painting in my art quilts is my passion.  Using both mediums brings vitality and originality to my work.  After viewing Karylee Doubiago’s expressive eyes on page 173, I am inspired to create portraits of my mother in her youth. 

Drawing the basic facial features with a fine-tip (.005) Pigma pen creates precise details.  Kathie Briggs uses this technique on page 174.  The portraits are painted with acrylic paints combined with textile medium.

Both the portraits and abstracts are edged with hand-beaded embellishments.  Bonnie B. Ouellette uses this technique on page 245. 

Raw-edged appliqué is used around the painted faces.  Fibers with dangling beads are couched under the portraits and abstracts for added interest.

Although I am primarily a hand-quilter, I love the combination of big running stitches and machine stitches in Karylee Doubiago’s work on page 173.  Once again, I am inspired by this artist.  This is the first time I am including machine work on my art quilt.

The sparkling simplicity of the top and bottom edges of Sidney Davis Fostes’ quilt on page 168 is my motivation to hand stitch the raw edges of my quilt with YLI silver metallic thread.

Remember Me is a statement of creativity, inspiration from many talented artists of the Journal Quilt Project, and devotion to my mother who lives forever in my heart.

Additional pages from my Journal:

Ophelia...daughter of Polonius


Waiting for Secret Clearance

Scene One-Elsinore


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