Bio:Artography: Fire in her Eyes (Red) depicted from the photograph by Rebecca Bernados, Graduate Student, Neuroscience Program at the Unversity of Michigan

     My quilt is a rendition of Rebecca Bernadosís photograph of a section of a Zebrafish retina.  I am thankful to have permission to use Ms. Bernadoís truly dynamic photograph!

   The blue spots are created with sequins covered with fabric and sewn by hand. The varying levels of circles are individually hand sewn, giving depth to the band of neuclei.  The red photoreceptors include red fabrics and hand made paper.  The middle, red portion is depicted using shades of red glass beads. The background is machine quilted with hand sewn embellishments.

   As Rebecca Bernados and her fellow researchers pass by this quilt, I hope they will feel the honor, respect, and thankfulness I feel for their dedication, hard work, and talent!

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