Be A Checker: Check Your Feet Every Day

   After talking to the head nurse at the Diabetes Center at the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, VA, I was inspired to encourage those with diabetes to check their feet daily!  Using the game of checkers as a fun referral to “checking” may influence patients to remember how very important it is to be vigilant about their feet before any bruise or sore can cause complications! When this quilt was completed, my daughter-in-law’s own grandfather with diabetes checked his feet and was helped by his doctors.

   The checker boards were machine pieced.  The checkers were created with the traditional, hand-made yo-yos.  Several yo-yos were embellished with little foot charms painted with acrylic paint.  The background was hand-quilted.

   As the patients at The Brehm Center see this quilt, hopefully they will smile and will remember to take a few moments to “Be A Checker and Check Their Feet Every Day”!

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