Rainbow Trout

Depicted from the photograph by Zachary Gaber, Graduate Student, Cell and Developmental Biology

     My quilt is a rendition of Zachary Gaber’s photograph of a developing chick embryo’s spinal cord. It is a cross-section of a four-day old embryo.  I am thankful to have permission to use Mr. Gaber’s phenomenal photograph!

   The background is hand quilted and machine quilted. Hand sewn embellishments  include: Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads, fiber optic beads, red coral, Betel nut halves and wooden beads. Both raw edge and turned under appliqué techniques are used to create the individual cells. 

   As Zachary Gaber and his fellow researchers pass by this quilt, I hope they will feel the honor, respect, and thankfulness I feel for their dedication, hard work, and talent!


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